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Capacity for Afghanistan (C4A) Think Tank is a platform initiated by highly educated and talented Afghans from all over the country with the aim to help all aspects of Afghan life. It has been founded and created by Imtiaz Sharifi.

C4A is dedicated and committed group of talented, professionals, academia and Afghanistan-based researchers bound by a shared interest in supporting and promoting accountable, transparent, effective, equitable and sustainable development in all spheres as an as an institution in Afghanistan. Our mission is to inform policy debates, influence development schemes, and promote creative and innovative ideas and technical support to enhance the impact of sustainable development in Afghanistan.

A group of professionals equipped with modern education came together in 2017 initiating their efforts. C4A community members aim filling vacuum by supporting and carrying out independent and objective studies and analysis to provide plausible solutions or recommendations for public problems. 

Imtiaz Sharifi - C4A General Director

Be a think-tanker!


Think Tanks are one step ahead of the public in knowing upcoming policy initiatives.

As a think tank our values are independent research, ideas and advice.

Let's get creative!


C4A functions as catalyst to enhance the impact of development in order to improve lives, coherence in societies, institutional accountability and promote peace.

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