About us



Capacity for Afghanistan (C4A) Think Tank is a platform initiated by highly educated and talented Afghans from all over the country with the aim to help all aspects of Afghan life. It has been founded and created by Imtiaz Sharifi.

C4A is dedicated and committed group of talented, professionals, academia and Afghanistan-based researchers bound by a shared interest in supporting and promoting accountable, transparent, effective, equitable and sustainable development in all spheres as an as an institution in Afghanistan. Our mission is to inform policy debates, influence development schemes, and promote creative and innovative ideas and technical support to enhance the impact of sustainable development in Afghanistan.

A group of professionals equipped with modern education came together in 2017 initiating their efforts. C4A community members aim filling vacuum by supporting and carrying out independent and objective studies and analysis to provide plausible solutions or recommendations for public problems. 

Founder and director

Imtiaz Sharifi

Mr. Sharifi is the Founder and Director of Capacity for Afghanistan Think Tank (C4ATT), graduated from School in London, where he also did his Double Bachelors in Business Studies and Management from Middlesex University. He got his scholarship for his Mater's Degree from Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. Sharifi has worked in several institutions and companies like Safi Airways, Alokozay General Trading and Kam Air in UAE.

He joined Ministry of Finance as an Aid Coordination Specialist from 2012-2013, where later he became Head of Value Added Tax and also Acting Sub-Director of Client Service in Large Tax payer office, Afghanistan Revenue Department.


Mr. Sharifi is also a lecturer at Khana-e-Noor Institute of Higher Education, where he lectures BBA students. He is also a Resource Person and Coach at United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR), where he has given many lectures to the UNITAR Afghanistan Fellowship Programme, where the fellowship is a long – term leadership, organisational management and capacity building initiative to empower citizens to became a better professional and agent of change in Afghanistan. He has many interests in World Politics, Hollywood, Digital technology, Box office Statistics, Financial Times, Fashion, Golf, Cricket and Football where he is current Manager of Ministry of Finance Football Club, where he has helped his team win many Inter-Ministerial Cups.

Sharifi has nearly 18 year wealth of experience in public and private sector working in many continents of the world, but he has chosen to work in his home country and work towards a better sustainable future of Afghanistan.

Meet our team

It is made up of a growing network of core members plus trainers and associates and supported by an expert Advisory Board.

Lima Anwari

Mrs Lima Anwari is the Deputy of C4A Think Tank. She has earned her MBA Degree from Kardan University and Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Law from Kabul University.

Currently she is working as Head of Peace Department of U.S. Embassy Kabul. She has worked with various institutions and organizations like International Development Law Organization, UN Women, Promote and Afghan Women Network.

Through her work with UN Women and JSSP for the Gender Child and Human Rights Section as Gender Justice Team Lead, She is familiar with the SOW/Deliverables and the key points of GCHR.


Mrs. Anwari has a great ability to work with people in creative processes and to find solutions in complicated situations.


She has more than 8 years of experience working with the implementation teams in the GoIRA, Civil Society Members, and NGOs to ensure that the key projects meet the needs of the target groups as well as timely delivery of the planned goals and objectives.

Esmatullah Asad

Mr.Esmatullah Asad is the second Deputy of C4A Think Tank. He worked as part of a large team, including the Professional Institute of Business & Finance (PIBF), UNFPA, UNITAR, and many other large companies and institutions in numerous countries. In 2019, he garnered major attention from numerous organizations outlets for his professional expertise, including United Arabic Emirates UAE, Pakistan, India, and USA. In addition, Mr. Asad is an expert designer and photographer who became professional with his own passion and intrinsic talent with no mentor. In his works, there’s an embracing energy to his art in designing. He is a hard-working person and has a great ability to work in though situations.

Safiullah Hakimi

Safiullah Hakimi is the Director of Business Development at C4A Think Tank. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Enhance Research and Analytics Services (ERAS), TEDxer, AIESECer and MOICer.


Mr. Hakimi has worked with many national and international organizations in different positions. He worked as Mentor at 4IR Reskilling Program of UNITAR, Project Lead at SCOLAR Network, President and Vice-President at Kabul University Students' Union (KUSU), Team Leader at AIESEC and International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP), Publications' Coordinator at ALPHA, Country Coordinator at International Youth Parliament, Master Trainer at Kankash, NRC, and HASHAR.


He is experienced in Leadership, Management, Research, Teaching and Mentoring. He has also an outstanding skills in project management, developing policies and strategic plans, preparing and developing manuals and working procedures.


Hakimi is always eager to help and inspire youths and always try to create values in the community and be part of positive impact in the world.

Dr. Muhammad Ayub Ayubi

Dr. Muhammad Ayub Ayubi is the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at C4A Think Tank and currently working as an Advisor & M&E Specialist at LaiQ Program in DABS.

He is a Monitoring & Evaluation professional expert with more than 13 years experience working in data collection, data analysis, systems engineering, process improvement, M&E system development, M&E Plan development, Policy and Strategy development and Result based management.


Dr. Ayubi is a professional consultant who comes with very high standards of personal and work quality. He worked and managed a number of multi-disciplinary teams for police reform, field surveys and monitoring of Citizens’ Charter program. He has extensive experience of working and coordinating with Afghan nationals (professional consultants and government officials) and international consultants.


He has extensive experience developing M&E systems focused on project, programs, Policy and strategic plan, and business processes. His work experience includes worked with the Afghan CBR program and has implemented reform programs across several ministries of Afghanistan. He has led and pioneered M&E reform in the Ministry of Interior. He does not introduce solutions, but helps counterparts to find local solution within the problem they are facing which warrants sustainability of the reform initiative.

Dr. Ayubi is an outstanding technical expert in M&E with solid knowledge and qualification from international institutions, and has more than a decade of field experience with Afghan government, NGOs and international companies. Throughout his career he has professionally managed and led teams of Afghan and international consultants.

He is a strong mediator and facilitator who has enjoyed the respect of his fellows and government advisees for collaborative problem solving and mediating to address multiple complex issues. He has completed an international course at Harvard University in Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation, which gave him a unique of power of facilitation, problem solving.

Our Advisory board

Dr. Wahid Majrooh

Dr. Wahid Majrooh is an advisory member of C4 Think Tank. Dr. Majrooh is a Medical Doctor, with MA in Political Science and MSc in Global Health Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Postgraduate Diploma in Ultrasound from India, and a degree in Leadership. 

Dr. Wahid Majrooh has worked as Minister of the Public Health, he was recently elected as the President of the Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries as well. 

In his career, he has worked as Regional Coordinator of Independent Election Commission, Regional Manager for the U.S Ambassador’s Small Grants Program, Political Specialist with the U.S Consulate and Embassy, International Relations Director. 

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Majrooh has established a Private School,Private Hospital, the first Fetal Medicine Center in Afghanistan, Ultrasound Training Institute, and the first Fetal Medicine Society of Afghanistan.

Dr. Tayeb Khan

Dr. Tayeb Khan is an advisroy senior member of C4A Think Tank. He is an HR Expert and currently working as Head of LaiQ Program at DABS. 

He has a PhD in Organizational Management from Anadolu University, Turkey, hasDMA degree in Finance from International University of ANADOLU in Turkey plus a Master Studies of HRM from Linnaeus University in Sweden and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from RANA University in Kabul. 

Furthermore he has more than 8 years working experience in Program, Project, Procurement and Finance expertise.

He was worked as Technical Adviser to Election commission of Afghanistan and Deputy Director of National Development cooperation.

Dr. Mursal Sharif Ebady

Dr. Mursal Sharif Ebady is an Advisroy member of C4A Think Tank.

She has an MD degree in General Medicine from Cheragh Medical University and her MBA from Kardan University. 

Dr. Mursal is currently working as a health expert with Administrative Office of the President (AoP). She has been strong and influential figure in contributing to the development of society at her best.
She has been visiting girls’ schools to educate girls regarding their health problems. She has developed a website and health guide to connect people to health centers and physicians on an easy access pattern under single window access pattern.
In addition, she has worked as health specialist and health coordinator with RET German. She has also worked as Malaria Project Manager with UNDP Global Fund Malaria Project.