Capacity for Afghanistan (C4A) Think Tank is organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, and webinars.

UNITAR signed a partnership agreement with C4A (Capacity for Afghanistan). UNITAR will collaborate to implement various projects for the people of Afghanistan including digital upskilling/reskilling, entrepreneurship, and leadership.


UNITAR and C4A launched their new partnership to develop joint training programmes and support Afghanistan’s peacebuilding and professional development efforts.

UNITAR Partnership with C4A

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As a think tank our values are independent research, ideas and advice.

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C4A functions as catalyst to enhance the impact of development in order to improve lives, coherence in societies, institutional accountability and promote peace.

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C4A is a voluntary body which is established to deliver tangible and evidenced based concepts and policy papers that are essential for effective strategic governance, economic planning, sound policy formulation and sustainable socio-economic development of Afghanistan.

C4A TT will organize large scale events where all members attend to discuss future strategies. By Laws/Code of Conduct: No racism, no language issues, gender equality and the utmost respect for everyone's opinions.

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